Caroline Wong, CISSP and VP of Security Strategy at Cobalt, which “makes bug bounty programs and pen tests painless,” headed this engaging and fast-paced session at OWASP AppSec on crowdsourced security. It was her interest in diversity that led her to crowdsourced security, and in this session she went through the risks and benefits of using it.

She made it clear up front that she wasn’t here to tell the audience which option was better than another, but simply to provide information and evaluation criteria about the different options so that people could decide which was the best fit for their specific security needs.

What exactly is crowdsourcing? When Caroline took a Lyft from her Airbnb dressed in a new outfit from Betabrand to get to the conference, she made use of three examples of crowdsourcing. (Despite the fact, as she reminded us, that most of us were told by our parents not to get into a stranger’s car, this has become an increasingly common way of life!)

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