“Old digital Neanderthals like me talk about digital transformation on the manufacturing floor, but young digital natives talk about digital transformation of the plant floor,” said Dennis Hodges, CIO of Inteva Products, a large, global automotive supplier, mostly serving vehicle manufacturers. “To us, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is connected stuff—machines talking to machines, machines talking to people, and vice versa. IIoT includes data management, applications, people, global networks and intelligent devices. The main question is what big project and purpose do we want it to do?”

Hodges and Jon Sobel, CEO and co-founder, Sight Machine, presented “Impactful digital transformation on the manufacturing floor: what works and why” at the Smart Industry 2016 conference in Chicago. Purpose-built for discrete and process manufacturing, Sight Machine’s analytics platform uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics to address quality and productivity challenges.

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