Ann Arbor, MI, December 13, 2017 – Strata Oncology, a precision oncology company, today announced five leading healthcare systems have joined the Strata Precision Oncology NetworkTM (Network). Launched in February of 2017, and led by Strata Oncology, the Network is advancing precision oncology by providing advanced cancer patients routine tumor profiling and matching to a portfolio of biomarker-matched pharma-sponsored clinical trials.

University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, Christiana Care’s Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute, Kaiser Permanente-Northern California, Kettering Health Network, and Ochsner Health System join the University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Alabama at Birmingham Comprehensive Cancer Center and Metro Minnesota Community Oncology Research Consortium as members of the Network.

Members leverage the StrataNGSTM test, an 87-gene assay that sequences both DNA and RNA, to identify trial candidates for targeted therapies. StrataNGS is available to all advanced solid tumor and lymphoma patients at no-cost through the Strata Trial, a nationwide observational study providing tumor sequencing for 100,000 patients with advanced cancer.

“We are pleased that this clinical trial will allow us to offer routine, no-cost tumor sequencing to patients with advanced cancer,” said Mark E. Burkard, MD, PhD, Associate Professor at University of Wisconsin, “By addressing key barriers to patient participation, we hope to enable increased access to precision medicine clinical trials.”

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