“We contacted Clinc in May or June and we decided to make a pilot because their product was 100 percent what Isbank was looking for,” said Burak Arik, CEO of MaxiTech, a bank subsidiary charged with finding and evaluating high tech solutions the bank could use. He is based in San Francisco because the bank thinks it is important to have a physical presence in that technology center. Arik said he contacts companies and attends events to seek a tangible outcome through personal contacts rather than just trading emails.

“We talked with Jason and decided to make a quick pilot. We saw the results in a few days — planning advice, history and money transfers.” And the bank decided to proceed with an implementation.

Arik said the bank can use several models for deploying Clinc’s Finie.

“You can use customer data, credit and account history. You have an option — Clinc can connect to your data sources or you can push the data into the Clinc system. We decided to push our data, and one week or later we were able to see results. Their solution has a lot of out-of-box competency and the initial results were impressive.”

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