Akadeum Life Sciences, Inc. announced today it has successfully demonstrated use of microbubbles for isolation of human T-cells and mouse B-cells. As a result, the company is also announcing that it is running a closed beta testing program with key thought leaders in immunology, cancer, and stem cell research.

Additionally, Akadeum scientists will be presenting data on using microbubbles to deplete red blood cells in liquid biopsy samples at AACR (American Association of Cancer Research).

Coauthors of the research presented at AACR include Steve McClellan, BS, MT (ASCP) of the University of South Alabama Mitchell Cancer Institute; Ebrahim Azizi, PharmD, PhD; and Max Wicha, MD of the University of Michigan. These experts in cancer biology study circulating tumor cells, which are cancer cells that travel freely through the bloodstream. Much of their effort and time are directed toward the challenge of isolating these very rare and important cells from patients’ blood.

In order to examine circulating tumor cells for research or medical care, cancer specialists must first sift through tremendous numbers of normal cells. It is common for normal cells to outnumber cancer cells in patient blood samples by a billion to one. Although this is challenging, isolating circulating tumor cells has the potential to improve current cancer diagnostic and treatment response monitoring tools.

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