GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Feb. 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blue Medora today announces a new service, BindPlane – a major step in delivering IT monitoring integration as a service and a standardized approach to enterprise monitoring integration.

Blue Medora is an innovator in monitoring integration software for the most common application performance, cloud and database management platforms.

BindPlane is a first-of-its-kind monitoring integration service that connects the health and performance data on the top enterprise technologies with the world’s best IT performance monitoring and analytics platforms. The new integration service is a departure from the traditional platform-to-plugin approach and instead provides a single monitoring integration service that connects any analytics platform to the health and performance data on the top enterprise technologies instantly.

BindPlane addresses the fundamental limitations of platform-specific plugins that are standard across IT monitoring and operations analytics today. It’s easy to adopt, adapt and afford, connecting the most common enterprise technologies with the most popular APM, ITIM, ITOA and CMP platforms. The early adoption release, available today, expands the aperture of New Relic, VMware Wavefront, SignalFx and others.

Unlike community or open-source plugins, which typically rely on flat metrics, BindPlane delivers Dimensional Data, which enhances health and performance metrics with critical metadata about the inter- and intra- relationships between all the metrics in the IT stack, representing a new way to approach source system integration for all monitoring solutions — one that includes context.

“BindPlane is a major shift in integration strategy, reflecting the move to next generation monitoring models, and the reality of hybrid cloud environments” explains Nathan Owen, CEO and co-founder of Blue Medora. “Our customers have increasingly fast-changing heterogeneous environments, and often find that their multiple monitoring platforms cannot keep pace or lack the dimensionality needed to analyze root cause. BindPlane removes that complexity, offering a single, reliable connection point for any monitored endpoint and many platforms.”

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