MARQUETTE — Mention the letters “A.I.” to Bob Stefanski, and he becomes really excited.

Stefanski, an entrepreneur and venture capital investor in Silicon Valley, talked about artificial intelligence Monday before the Economic Club of Marquette County at the Ramada Inn in Marquette.

He is co-founder of eLab Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund focused on technology. He graduated from Northern Michigan University with a major in computational mathematics, and holds a graduate degree in engineering and a law degree from the University of Michigan.

The focus of his talk was about that one particular technological wave of the future.

“A.I. may be the most important technology ever,” Stefanski said. “It can already drive a car better than a person can. It can manufacture goods better, faster, cheaper than humans.

“It’s on its way to being able to diagnose as well as, if not better than, doctors, oncologists, dermatologists. It can already read an MRI and find a cancer tumor in an MRI better than most radiologists.”

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