Knowing tire air pressure is one thing. Being able to prioritize tire health is next level.

With Aperia Technologies’ new Halo Connect, fleets will get more critical feedback on tires that will help them address real problems before they lead to costly downtime events.

“Something we’ve long envisioned before releasing Halo was to bring a connectivity suite to it,” Josh Carter, CEO of Aperia Technologies, said today during Halo Connect’s reveal at the American Trucking Associations‘ Technology & Maintenance Council Exhibition in Atlanta.  “We’re bringing intelligent algorithms and monitoring the performance of the wheel end and the tire health along with the Halo performance to be able to give smart, intelligent recommendations about wheel-end and tire maintenance.”

Tested with dozens of fleets through pilot programs, Halo Connect leverages proprietary algorithms trained over more than half a decade and nearly a billion miles through its Halo Tire Inflators, bolt-on devices which automatically adjust tire pressure for trucks and trailers.

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