ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aperia Technologies Inc., a leading supplier of tire management technologies that improve the safety and efficiency of commercial vehicle tractors and trailers, has announced the initial rollout of Halo Connect, a proprietary connectivity platform that leverages machine learning to enable fleets to virtually eliminate unplanned tire-related downtime.

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“Our goal with Halo Connect is to set a new standard for tire management by enabling a shift to predictive need-based tire maintenance,” said Josh Carter, CEO of Aperia Technologies. “The cost of tires and roadside repairs continue to rise as does the impact of late deliveries and safety issues that result from tire failure.”

Tested with dozens of fleets through rigorous pilot programs, Halo Connect leverages proprietary algorithms trained over more than half a decade and nearly a billion miles to deliver a next generation tire management experience. The platform categorizes tire-related issues by severity and provides maintenance recommendations, enabling fleets to prevent tire failure due to leaks and under-inflation by streamlining communication and tire maintenance.

“We envision a future where minimal service is conducted on the side of the road, especially for tires,” said Karen Schwartz, B2B marketing director – on-road, Michelin North America, Inc. “Michelin is the nation’s leading ERS provider and by integrating tire health intelligence and predictive insights from Halo Connect we will be able to address issues in the most economical and convenient way for our customers, as opposed to reactively on the side of the road.”

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