Prof. Jason Corso’s startup launches powerful video processing platform

ANN ARBOR—Voxel51, a University of Michigan startup, today launched its flagship product—a software platform designed to make it easier, faster and more affordable to access the untapped potential of video data.

The software is aimed at companies that work with video but struggle to extract the information they need from it. While video is a rich form of data, it is difficult to analyze and search because of its complexity, large file sizes and lack of defined units like words.

Voxel51 has set out to overcome those obstacles with their video analytics platform and open source software libraries that, together, enable state-of-the-art video recognition. It identifies and follows objects and actions in each clip. As co-founder Brian Moore says, “We transform video into value.”

Their initial focus, which is particularly relevant to driverless cars, is on video footage from road scenes and for public safety. In both of these applications, cameras are key sensors, but it is time-consuming for humans to process the data so that a computer can analyze it. Faster, automated processing should speed the development of better computer vision.

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