Akadeum Life Sciences, Inc., an Ann Arbor-based biotechnology company, announced today that it has entered into a collaboration with Agilent Technologies, Inc. to work toward a new method of isolating target molecules for detection.

Akadeum aims to disrupt the status quo in isolation technology with their buoyant microbubbles. Notably, Akadeum is the first company to commercialize buoyancy-based cell isolation with their growing portfolio of human and mouse cell enrichment kits for immunology researchers. In addition, the same technology can be leveraged to improve isolation workflows and capabilities for target molecules such as DNA, protein, microbes, and others, which Akadeum is developing through strategic partnerships.

“Sample preparation is a critical, yet often undervalued, step in most analytical assays. Often, the task of sample preparation employs decades old technology that is manual, time-consuming, and resource intensive,” said Brandon McNaughton, CEO of Akadeum Life Sciences. “Akadeum was founded to bring simple and superior isolation solutions to a variety of industries through our buoyancy-based microbubble technology, and we are excited to be starting work with Agilent to explore new applications.”

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