ATLANTA — The expansion of Halo Connect, an analytics platform focusing on predictive tire maintenance, was announced by Aperia Technologies Inc. at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show.

The platform features precise vehicle location and service insights, along with tire tread depth and replacement tracking.

“Following a successful limited-quantity release with some of the industry’s top fleets, Halo Connect is entering full production with a significant backlog and expanded feature set to further simplify tire management within the fleet,” CEO Josh Carter said in a prepared statement Oct. 29. “We’ve seen fleets report a 90-plus percent reduction in tire-related emergency roadside service since implementing Halo Connect in their fleet,”

Halo Connect is intended to enable fleets to eliminate unplanned tire-related downtime. Tire-related issues are categorized by severity, and the platform provides recommendations as a form of helping fleets with the prevention of tire failure. Such failure could be the result of leaks, underinflation and wear.

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