GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. – Oct 14, 2019 – IT monitoring integration innovator, Blue Medora, today announced early access availability of over 50 log source integrations, dramatically simplified deployment options, fully-managed log agent, and 24/7 customer support for New Relic customers through BindPlane, its Monitoring Integration as a Service (MIaaS) solution.

Helping New Relic customers properly configure and monitor all of their data sources efficiently can be challenging and time-consuming. In the case of monitoring logs through New Relic, this often requires custom configuration and a deep understanding of FluentD, Logstash, or other open source solutions. What’s more, in order for New Relic’s customers to integrate log monitoring, they are required to create their own parsers and formatters to generate attributes. This is where BindPlane comes in to simplify logging for New Relic users.

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