SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 17, 2020—Sight Machine Inc., which revolutionizes manufacturing operations to achieve continuous breakthroughs in productivity, profitability and sustainability, was named a 2020 Global Cleantech 100 company by Cleantech Group.

The 2020 Global Cleantech 100 is the 11th edition of the annual guide to the leading companies and themes in sustainable innovation. It features the private, independent and for-profit companies best positioned to contribute to a more digitized, de-carbonized and resource-efficient industrial future.

Sight Machine’s real-time, system-wide analysis of production data helps manufacturers optimize energy usage and reduce scrap, allowing them to increase output quality while reducing their carbon footprint.

“With manufacturing accounting for more than 12% of global carbon emissions, we‘re committed to helping manufacturers reduce the carbon footprint of human activity,” said Sight Machine CEO and Co-Founder Jon Sobel.

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