New Strategy Provides Disruptive Open Source Observability Solutions for DevOps and ITOps

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., July 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — observIQ, a global leader of open source observability solutions for DevOps and ITOps, is being unveiled today. Blue Medora is launching this new brand after VMware’s acquisition of its True Visibility Suite team and products. With a specific focus on developing next-generation agent technologies, observIQ leverages over a decade of expertise in logs and metrics monitoring to emerge as a disruptor in the observability space. A key component of that strategy is observIQ’s high performance open source log agent, also being announced today.

“With log data growing exponentially, we set out to deliver a solution that radically changes how enterprise customers deal with massive amounts of machine data at cloud scale. Commercial solutions such as Splunk are too costly and inflexible, and today’s existing open source solutions don’t scale at the log agent level,” explained Bekim Protopapa, observIQ CEO. “The observIQ open source log agent extends the Elastic stack with unmatched technical performance – up to 10x faster than other leading log agents – effectively disrupting the open source logging landscape.”

observIQ’s agent is based on deep subject matter expertise established while developing and supporting Blue Medora’s BindPlane product, an IT operations data management platform that delivers a relationship-aware stream of metrics and logs in real time. “We continue to develop the BindPlane solution and are bringing our advanced log agent technology to BindPlane customers,” confirmed Mike Kelly, observIQ CTO. “Customers rely on BindPlane for mission critical infrastructure and application monitoring, and we remain committed to their success. We’re also excited to show our Blue Medora customers the incredible advancements we’ve made in log monitoring and management under the observIQ brand.”

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