GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–observIQ, a provider of next-generation observability solutions for ITOps and DevOps teams, today announced that its open source log agent Stanza is now part of the OpenTelemetry Project as the key component for log collection.

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Since its inception in 2020, observIQ’s mission has been to deliver a simple to use, powerful, and performant log management experience. observIQ launched Stanza as an open source project in mid-2020 with the goal of developing a high-performance, yet flexible, open source log agent. observIQ and OpenTelemetry have agreed to include Stanza as the log agent component within OpenTelemetry. Several observIQ team members will join the project as maintainers of the log agent component to continue to innovate in log agent technology and help to advance the mission of OpenTelemetry.

This announcement comes as observIQ launches observIQ Cloud, its log management platform designed to dramatically simplify log management for ITOps and DevOps teams.

“We’re pleased that observIQ’s Stanza log agent will become a key part of the OpenTelemetry project,” said Mike Kelly, CTO of observIQ. “This has been in the works for many months and the team at observIQ is excited to see it become a reality. This announcement coincides with the launch of our log management platform, which will be the first platform to take full advantage of the log agent technology now incorporated into OpenTelemetry.”

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