Ann Arbor, MI – Voxel51 today announced a collaboration with Google to support Google’s Open Images Dataset, one of the largest visual datasets in the world used by AI researchers and the machine learning community for common object detection and other computer vision tasks. Through the collaboration, Open Images users will gain access to Voxel51’s free, open source machine learning developer tool, “FiftyOne,” to more efficiently and effectively load, visualize and evaluate datasets from Open Images’ annotated collection of over 9 million images. Machine learning’s massive rise in adoption is powered by the widespread availability of large, manually labeled datasets, but what truly makes this data useful in complex, real-world applications, is the ability to easily and rapidly analyze and experiment with this data at scale.

Starting today, when users visit the Open Images download page, they will be directed to FiftyOne, where they can easily download all or part of Open Images, visualize its rich annotations and evaluate models with the official open Images protocol. FiftyOne enables users to rapidly analyze and improve the quality, accuracy and diversity of computer vision datasets in order to improve model performance. Users can also select specific dataset subsets, types of annotations and classes of objects to download.

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