GRAND RAPIDS, MI. – June 7, 2021 – observIQ, a provider of next-generation observability solutions for ITOps and DevOps teams, today announced the launch of a no time limit, no credit card required, completely free tier of the company’s observIQ Cloud SaaS offering.

“We want to get our tools into the hands of every ITOps and DevOps employee who needs it,” said Nathan Owen, CEO of observIQ. Whether it’s the lone wolf admin or a multi-person shop, we know that having a log management solution in place is critical to enabling smooth day-to-day operations. We want everyone to see how incredibly easy observIQ is to stand up in their environment and get running.” Added Owen, “We take great pride that the overwhelming majority of users have been able to collect logs and gain meaningful insights into their environments within five minutes of creating an account.”

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