ATLANTA, Ga. – Aperia Technologies’ new Halo Connect is using the power of machine learning to help fleets “virtually eliminate” unplanned tire-related downtime.

The system builds on the company’s Halo tire inflator, incorporating a retrofittable sensor that feeds data into Aperia’s analytics platform.

“The hardware, the sensors are not where the secret sauce is,” CEO Josh Carter says, referring to the value of guidance developed by the underlying machine learning and algorithms.

Tire-related issues are ranked by severity and combined with maintenance recommendations, helping to prevent failures associated with leaks and under-inflation.

Instead of waiting for a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to sound the alarm about a tire that drops as low as 70 psi, it’s designed to tell if a tire at 99 psi is slowly losing air because of a puncture, Carter explains.

“We all envision a day when there are no tire-related roadside events.”

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