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Chick-fil-A’s Refraction.AI robots take on a life of their own

Chick-fil-A is testing another version of delivery using autonomous bots. The Atlanta-based restaurant chain said it is testing a fleet of delivery robots in a limited number of units in California, Texas and Florida. In Austin, Texas, the test is in partnership with Refraction AI. The goal is to cut delivery costs and enhance restaurant [...]

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Strata Oncology Expands Sentinel Trial with Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute and University of Michigan

ANN ARBOR, Mich., June 23, 2022 ‚Äď Strata Oncology, Inc., a next-generation precision oncology company enabling smarter and earlier cancer treatment, today announced that Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute and the University of Michigan Health Rogel Cancer Center have joined as clinical trial sites in the Strata SentinelTM¬†trial, a prospective, observational study of the StrataMRDTM¬†minimal [...]

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ADAS & Safety Systems: Traxen to produce 400 iQ-Pilot‚ĄĘ units for United Road Services

USA ‚Äď Traxen Inc1 has announced a contract with United Road Services Inc, a haulage firm, also based in Plymouth, Michigan, to begin production of a smart-adaptive cruise control technology for Class 8 trucks which Traxen claims can reduce annual fuel consumption by 10%. The contract to produce 400 units of the ‚ÄėiQPilot‚ĄĘ marks Traxen‚Äôs [...]

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Sight Machine recognized as a finalist of 2022 Microsoft Manufacturing & Supply Chain Partner of the Year

SAN FRANCISCO, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Sight Machine Inc. today announced it has been named a finalist of the 2022 Microsoft Manufacturing & Supply Chain Partner of the Year Award. The company was honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology. [...]

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Rachio users achieve environmental milestone of 50B gallons of water saved through optimized irrigation

Approximately 45% of the US is in a drought, making the need for water-saving solutions especially pertinent. Tech innovator and smart sprinkler company Rachio has now helped US homeowners save 50 billion gallons of water and counting, with its water-efficient sprinkler controllers. Connected technologies are now standard in American society, and companies like Rachio have harnessed this technology [...]

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Accenture Invests in pulsESG‚ĄĘ to Advance ESG andSustainability Measurement, Decision Making and Reporting for Companies

NEW YORK; June 25, 2022 ‚Äď Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has made a strategic investment,through Accenture Ventures, in pulsESG, Inc., a public benefit corporation dedicated to empowering purpose-driven enterprises to manage and improve theirenvironmental, social, and governance (ESG) footprint. Backed by $10 million in earlier seed funding from other leading impact-driven investors, pulsESG is the latest [...]

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Cobalt Marks Start of 2022 with New CEO, Continued Momentum for PtaaS Adoption

Cobalt, the leading Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) company, today announced the milestones it achieved in the first half of 2022, including the addition of new CEO Chris Manton-Jones. Today’s technology infrastructure and threat landscape are only growing more complex. It's more important than ever to have high-quality, fast pentesting for businesses to help protect [...]

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observIQ Expands Partnership with Google Cloud to Support OpenTelemetry

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Open source telemetry innovator observIQ has expanded its partnership with Google Cloud and Google Cloud's Operations Suite, to improve telemetry for managing all business-critical applications and environments. The partnership will increase visibility into workloads running on Google Compute Engine. Google Cloud customers can now use OpenTelemetry logs and metrics collection with support from [...]

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Will Akadeum’s Floating Bubbles Be the Next Big Thing in Cell Separation?

Akadeum Life Sciences has scored a patent for its method of buoyancy-based cell sorting (BACS) technologies from biological fluid samples. The Ann Arbor, MI-based firm says the use of microbubbles are used to separate targeted cell groups. Most notably, the patent protects Akadeum's T and B Cell isolation kits along with its entire portfolio of [...]

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LineLeap: The Disney fast pass but for bars

The app LineLeap has taken advantage of the reopening of venues this past year and has spread to businesses near the University of Arizona. LineLeap is an app that gives customers perks such as line-skip passes, cover, event tickets and more when attending local bars, clubs and venues. This platform has just surpassed over 200,000 users [...]

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MemryX Is A New AI Company We Actually Need

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all around us, in the cars we drive to the smartphones we use, powering our most favored or despised apps. Consequently, one of the major growth drivers in the semiconductor industry is AI. It’s everywhere and revolutionizing the way humans interact with the modern world, from the datacenter to the device [...]

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Traxen’s cutting edge technology – available for external customers in January 2022

As of January 1st, 2022, Traxen is making their rugged ADAS domain controller available to external customers for the first time via a new e-commerce page on their website. This contains their cutting edge technology, which can be sold for multiple applications. The artificial intelligence product will now be available for use on rapid prototype or [...]

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Strata Oncology Named to the 2021 CB Insights Digital Health 150

NEW YORK, Dec. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- CB Insights today named Strata Oncology to its third annual Digital Health 150, which showcases the 150 most promising private digital health companies in the world. This year's Digital Health 150 was unveiled live during CB Insights' annual Future of Health event. The 2021 Digital Health 150 cohort has raised roughly $14.9B in aggregate funding across 522 [...]

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Akadeum’s First Rising Innovators Research Award Recipient

Akadeum is thrilled to announce the first recipient of the Rising Innovators Research Award! Congratulations to Giselle Borges e Soares from Dr. Katherine Wall’s Laboratory at the University of Toledo. Giselle used Akadeum’s Mouse CD4+ T Cell Isolation Kit in the course of her research, obtaining 95-97% purity with ease. The success of downstream experiments is dependent upon the quality [...]

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Refraction AI Robots Are Rolling Into Austin

Delivery robots are coming to Austin. Food delivery service¬†company¬†Refraction AI‚Äôs REV-1 robots ‚ÄĒ small electric-run machines that operate autonomously ‚ÄĒ are delivering orders from local pizzeria mini-chain¬†Southside Flying Pizza¬†throughout downtown Austin, Travis Heights, and along South Congress Avenue as of today, June 14. CEO Luke Schneider tells Eater that the company decided to expand to [...]

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MemryX Inc. Closes Series A Financing and Prepares to Transform AI and Edge Applications

Ann Arbor, Michigan May 12th, 2021¬†‚Äď MemryX Inc. announced it has raised Series A funding to further develop novel, in-memory chips to enable AI applications in edge devices. The company now plans to scale the commercialization of its patented Memory Processing Unit (MPU) architecture and sample product-level chips to leading OEMs across the automotive, edge-compute, [...]

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Voxel51 & Google Collaborate to Make Downloading & Visualizing Open Images A Breeze

Ann Arbor, MI - Voxel51 today announced a collaboration with Google to support Google’s Open Images Dataset, one of the largest visual datasets in the world used by AI researchers and the machine learning community for common object detection and other computer vision tasks. Through the collaboration, Open Images users will gain access to Voxel51’s free, open source [...]

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Strata Oncology Appoints Former Abbott Executive Mark Szewczyk as Chief Commercial Officer

ANN ARBOR, Mich., June 10, 2021 ‚ÄstStrata Oncology, Inc., a precision oncology company advancing molecular indications for cancer therapies, today announced that it has appointed healthcare and molecular diagnostics veteran and former Abbott executive Mark Szewczyk as Chief Commercial Officer. The addition of Szewczyk is the latest in a series of strategic appointments bolstering Strata [...]

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Essex Furukawa Chooses Sight Machine for Digital Transformation of EV Component Plants in China, U.S. and Germany

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Essex Furukawa, the world's largest manufacturer of the magnet wire/winding wire that powers motors, including for electric vehicles (EVs), has selected Sight Machine Inc. as the manufacturing productivity platform for its plants in China, the United States and Germany, Sight Machine announced today. The agreement extends the digital transformation initiative begun at Essex Furukawa's [...]

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Rachio Names Kim Sentovich as Chief Executive Officer

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jun 24, 2021-- Rachio, the industry leading efficient watering company, has today announced the recent appointment of Kim Sentovich as Chief Executive Officer. She joins the company amidst a record year of growth in 2020, which saw a major uptick in sales, and continued momentum into 2021 with the ongoing focus on the home. [...]

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Cobalt Announces Launch of Partner Program On Heels of 75% YoY ARR Growth

Cobalt, the leading Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) company that’s modernizing the traditional, static penetration testing mode, today announced the launch of its Partner Program. The program comes amid massive customer demand as organizations realize the need for an optimized and streamlined pentesting experience. With the launch of the Cobalt Partner Program, the company’s goal [...]

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Akadeum & NanoCellect Collaborating to Improve Rare-Cell Workflows and Results

ANN ARBOR, Mich., June 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Akadeum Life Sciences, Inc., creators of a next generation floatation-based isolation platform, and NanoCellect Biomedical, Inc., a leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative and simple solutions for cell sorting, today jointly announced a new collaboration to improve rare-cell workflows. From single cell genomics to antibody discovery, researchers increasingly [...]

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Delivery startup Refraction AI raises $4.2M to expand service areas

Refraction AI, a company developing semi-autonomous delivery robots, today announced that it raised $4.2 million in seed funding led by Pillar VC. Refraction says that the proceeds will be used for customer acquisition, geographic expansion, and product development well into the next year. The worsening COVID-19 health crisis in much of the U.S. seems likely [...]

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observIQ’s (formerly Blue Medora) Stanza Log Agent Now a Part of OpenTelemetry Project

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--observIQ, a provider of next-generation observability solutions for ITOps and DevOps teams, today announced that its open source log agent Stanza is now part of the OpenTelemetry Project as the key component for log collection. observIQ’s Stanza Log Agent Now a Part of OpenTelemetry Project #observIQ #OpenTelemetryTweet this Since its inception in 2020, observIQ’s [...]

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The future is bright for autonomous delivery, says Refraction AI CEO

Despite the precariousness of 2020, one thing is certain as we look to the future: Autonomous delivery will become an integral part of our world. This massive potential is evident on both a global and national scale ‚ÄĒ there have been¬†195 deployments¬†of social robots worldwide in response to the pandemic. The U.S. has seen a¬†20% [...]

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Traxen AI-based iQ-Cruise delivers average of 10% fuel savings for heavy trucks

Traxen, a metro Detroit-based technology, launched its intelligent adaptive cruise control system, iQ-Cruise, for traditional and electric commercial vehicles. The system will be available to both commercial vehicle aftermarket and OE customers. Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), advanced algorithms and sensors, iQ-Cruise can reduce fuel consumption by an average of 10% while improving safety, drivability [...]

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Strata Oncology Announces Personalized Recurrence Monitoring Trial

Study to Evaluate Strata's Ability to Detect Tumor Recurrence using Liquid Biopsy and Monitor Treatment Effectiveness for Patients with Early-Stage Solid Tumors ANN ARBOR, Mich., Jan. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Strata Oncology, Inc., a precision oncology company advancing molecular indications for cancer therapies, today announced plans to begin enrolling the Sentinel Trial in the first half of 2021. [...]

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Aperia Technologies Wins Prestigious Environmental Protection Agency Clean Air Excellence Award

BURLINGAME, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded its 2020 Clean Air Excellence Award for Transportation Efficiency Innovations to Aperia Technologies, a leading supplier of efficiency and safety-enhancing tire management technologies to the commercial trucking industry, for the Halo Tire Inflator. This is the EPA’s highest national award to honor a project for [...]

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Strata Oncology Announces Medicare Coverage of StrataNGS Comprehensive Genomic Profiling Test for Patients with Advanced Solid Tumors

Ann Arbor, Mich. October 27, 2020 ‚ÄĒ¬†Strata Oncology, Inc., a precision oncology company advancing molecular indications for cancer therapies, today announced that Palmetto GBA, a Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC), has established coverage of the StrataNGSTM test for patients with advanced stages (III or IV), recurrent, relapsed, refractory, and/ or metastatic solid tumors. StrataNGSTM¬†is a comprehensive [...]

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The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Become a Catalyst for Cyberattacks

Caroline Wong (@CarolineWMWong), CIO of Cobalt, said that if key security projects were delayed or canceled to make room for critical projects that would enable a distributed workforce to work more securely (for example, VPN implementation or training on how to set up a secure home WiFi network), “then it could be a positive change, [...]

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New CEO of Ann Arbor‚Äôs Clinc looks to scale, ‚Äėwrite the next chapter‚Äô for company

ANN ARBOR¬†‚Äď Tech veteran Jon Newhard joined conversational AI startup Clinc in July, five months after the company‚Äôs co-founder and former CEO Jason Mars stepped down over¬†allegations of sexual harassment, verbal abuse and inappropriate conduct. After Mars' exit gained national attention and the University of Michigan suspended its recruiting relationship with the company, many were [...]

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observIQ (formerly Blue Medora) Launches Powerful New Full Stack Log Management Platform

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Sept. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- observIQ, a global leader of open source observability solutions for DevOps and ITOps, announces that it has launched a beta program for its new SaaS-based log management platform called observIQ Cloud. observIQ Cloud allows customers to seamlessly monitor multi and hybrid cloud environments at enterprise scale. [...]

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Akadeum is a semi-finalist in the XPRIZE Rapid Covid Testing competition

Akadeum is pleased to announce that we are a semi-finalist in the XPRIZE Rapid Covid Testing competition. We have recently expanded our microbubble platform by functionalizing our revolutionary buoyancy-activated separation technology for RNA isolation in saliva samples. Our goal is to create a workflow that allows for quick and easy RNA extraction in larger volume [...]

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Voxel51 Computer Vision tells us how the presidential candidates really feel

The presidential and vice-presidential debates over the last few weeks have been…. interesting. I think we can all agree that they have been some of the most heated debates yet. The presidential debate quickly turned into emotional arguments that you could clearly see in the faces of the candidates. Image by Author: Using FiftyOne to visualize distributions [...]

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Mobility veteran joins Ann Arbor’s Refraction AI as new CEO

ANN ARBOR, Mich.¬†‚Äď Mobility industry veteran Luke Schneider has been named as the new chief executive officer of Ann Arbor-based Refraction AI. The tech startup is known for its small REV-1 , delivery robots that scuttle around Tree Town taking food and groceries to community members. Schneider has had over 25 years of experience in [...]

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Traxen offers Smarter Adaptive Cruise for Truck Fleets

Like many automotive engineers, Ali Maleki has had to temper his expectations for autonomous vehicles in recent years. He once thought the technology would be available by this time. Now Maleki doesn’t expect widescale deployment until about 2030. But he still recognizes the potential convenience, safety and environmental benefits. And he’s doing something about it. [...]

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Traxen Strengthens Board of Directors with Appointment of Petrovich to Chairman, Gryzenia as Advisor

PLYMOUTH, Michigan, Sept. 17, 2020 ‚Äď Seasoned automotive business leader Mary Petrovich has joined the Traxen Board of Directors as chairman to support the start-up company in its mission to lead the trucking technology market rapidly into the future. In addition to Petrovich‚Äôs appointment to the board, Bill Gryzenia, an accomplished automotive industry veteran, has [...]

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Voxel51 Releases Computer Vision Industry’s First Open-Source Rapid Data Experimentation Tool

Ann Arbor startup and TechDisrupt 2019 AI top pick Voxel51 just announced that it has just launched a new tool called FiftyOne, the computer vision industry’s first open-source tool for experimenting with and cleaning image and video data for machine learning. Engineers working with machine learning for image and video data sets have a new way of [...]

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Cobalt raises $29 million to bring its ‚Äėpentest as a service‚Äô platform to more software teams

Cobalt.io, a ‚Äúpentest-as-a-service‚ÄĚ platform that lets any business access ethical hackers to stress-test their software, has raised $29 million in a series B round of funding led by Highland Europe. Penetration testing, or ‚Äúpentesting,‚ÄĚ is a process that strives to identify vulnerabilities and exploit them as a real-world hacker might. The pentesting market is currently [...]

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Voxel51 technology helps retailers and shoppers maintain social distancing

The restart is underway, and as stores reopen, retailers must ensure customers and employees maintain adequate social distancing. To help track and manage those efforts, startup Voxel51’s platform can monitor in-store traffic and identify when locations are busy. The company’s metric, referred to as the physical distancing index, uses video feeds and computer vision modeling to [...]

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Refraction Sees Demand For Autonomous Delivery Robots Rises As Pandemic Continues

From Michigan to Tokyo, the coronavirus pandemic has led to a surge in demand for contactless delivery robots. In Ann Arbor, Michigan, lunch orders for Refraction AI’s last-mile REV-1 autonomous delivery robot have jumped by up to four-fold since the health crisis began. The company, which started operations in July 2019, created the robot for [...]

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Strata Oncology Announces Partnership with BioMed Valley Discoveries to Accelerate Enrollment in ERK Inhibitor Study

ANN ARBOR, Mich., July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Strata Oncology, Inc. , a precision oncology company advancing molecular indications for cancer therapies, today announced it has signed an agreement with BioMed Valley Discoveries Inc.. to accelerate patient identification and enrollment for BioMed Valley's Phase 2 study of BVD-523 (ulixertinib) for patients with advanced malignancies harboring MEK or atypical BRAF alterations [...]

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Cobalt helps Organizations Conduct App Penetration Tests More Frequently – and Broadly

In an encouraging sign for application security, enterprise organizations are conducting penetration tests more frequently and more broadly than before, data from a new Cobalt.io study suggests. Unlike in the past where regulatory and other compliance mandates used to be the primary driver for these tests, organizations are now conducting them more to proactively detect [...]

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Clinc, Visa Partner Over Virtual Assistant, Conversational AI Banking Experience

Ann Arbor, Michigan based Clinc, a provider of conversational artificial intelligence technologies, formally announced a partnership with¬†Visa Inc.¬†(NYSE:¬†V), extending its AI banking experience to financial institutions and banking customers around the world. ‚ÄúOur goal has always remained the same - to create technology that makes people‚Äôs lives easier,‚ÄĚ said Lingjia Tang, Clinc co-founder and interim [...]

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Akadeum Is Joining the Fight Against COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted a need for fast and accurate methods for identifying RNA viruses through nucleic acid capture and detection. Akadeum Life Sciences is up to the challenge. In a relatively short time, the coronavirus pandemic has spread across the globe. This novel virus was first noted in Wuhan, China in December 2019 [...]

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Blue Medora Launches observIQ

New Strategy Provides Disruptive Open Source Observability Solutions for DevOps and ITOps GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., July 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- observIQ, a global leader of open source observability solutions for DevOps and ITOps, is being unveiled today. Blue Medora is launching this new brand after VMware’s acquisition of its True Visibility Suite team and [...]

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Sight Machine Named to the 2020 Global Cleantech 100

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 17, 2020‚ÄĒSight Machine¬†Inc., which revolutionizes manufacturing operations to achieve continuous breakthroughs in productivity, profitability and sustainability, was named a¬†2020 Global Cleantech 100 company¬†by Cleantech Group. The 2020 Global Cleantech 100 is the 11th¬†edition of the annual guide to the leading companies and themes in sustainable innovation. It features the private, independent and [...]

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Rachio Wants You To Ditch The Fertilizer To Build A Better Lawn

First, Rachio set out to help your lawn, and the planet, by creating a sprinkler controller that uses weather data to keep you from watering when you don't need to. Now they're back to apply that same "think globally, act locally" attitude towards keeping your lawn greener with Lawn Champion, the first product in the [...]

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Cobalt Delivers Fast Application Security Pentesting as a Service for Actionable Results in Real Time

Security pentesting can be a slow, often expensive process for software companies. And the results often show where a product stands at a moment in time, not as a dynamic entity. Companies traditionally approach pentesting in two ways. The first is to hire in-house pentesters, an option large banks often choose. But that can be [...]

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Aperia Help Fleets Move Toward Predictive Maintenance to Prevent Breakdowns, Reduce Expenses

...Predictive maintenance is even starting to appear for tires. Aperia’s wheel-mounted Halo tire inflation system automatically adds air when a tire drops below the recommended pressure. About six years ago, Aperia added sensors to demonstrate the product was working, which led to its telematics product, Halo Connect. Judith Monte, Aperia’s vice president of marketing and [...]

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