First, Rachio set out to help your lawn, and the planet, by creating a sprinkler controller that uses weather data to keep you from watering when you don’t need to. Now they’re back to apply that same “think globally, act locally” attitude towards keeping your lawn greener with Lawn Champion, the first product in the new Rachio Thrive lineup.

Rachio CEO Chris Klein was already my kind of guy before we spoke. After all, we share the same outrage. We both hate to see sprinklers watering full blast in the middle of a rainstorm. Except he actually did something about it (I just grumble to my wife who nods along).

He also wasn’t sure that fertilizing lawns was a space that Rachio wanted to break into. “We weren’t interested in lawn products at first. But then when we saw how well the product works with our Smart Cycle, that changed everything.” 

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