Ann Arbor startup and TechDisrupt 2019 AI top pick Voxel51 just announced that it has just launched a new tool called FiftyOne, the computer vision industry’s first open-source tool for experimenting with and cleaning image and video data for machine learning. Engineers working with machine learning for image and video data sets have a new way of inspecting their data for labeling errors and finding explanations for functional problems emerging from the data. It’s a quicker solution to the problem of cleaning datasets, which grows by the year along with the size of datasets available for machine learning applications.

“Nothing hinders the success of machine learning systems more than poor-quality data. Yet the process of continuous data quality management is incredibly challenging and time consuming,” says Jason Corso, Voxel51 co-founder and CEO. “We created this tool… to offer engineers a better toolbox and a more efficient way to improve the quality, accuracy and diversity of image datasets in order to mitigate the consequences of bad data and to improve the predictive performance of production models.” 

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