Like many automotive engineers, Ali Maleki has had to temper his expectations for autonomous vehicles in recent years.

He once thought the technology would be available by this time. Now Maleki doesn’t expect widescale deployment until about 2030.

But he still recognizes the potential convenience, safety and environmental benefits. And he’s doing something about it.

In early 2018, Maleki founded Traxen, a Plymouth, Mich.-based startup that’s developing an intelligent adaptive cruise system, which he claims can provide a 10% or more fuel efficiency boost for commercial trucks.

Maleki knows a lot about adaptive cruise control. He’s been working on the technology—and other driver-assist systems—for more than 20 years. (His resume includes stints at Nexteer—his most recent stop, where he was executive director of innovations and next ventures—Ricardo, Fisker, Coda Automotive, Meritor, Bendix, Visteon and Continental.)

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