As of January 1st, 2022, Traxen is making their rugged ADAS domain controller available to external customers for the first time via a new e-commerce page on their website. This contains their cutting edge technology, which can be sold for multiple applications. The artificial intelligence product will now be available for use on rapid prototype or volume production products. The controller can be used in almost any domain, including automotive, agricultural, construction, industrial robotics, IoT, AI, and many others.

Add-ons that will be available include an integrated antenna, short-range and long-range automotive radars, and a wire harness to ease development and integration if necessary. This product will be retailing at (Please insert price here) and shipped worldwide. Traxen is a Plymouth, Michigan based company that has designed the next generation of cruise control for semi-trucks. The Traxen team is made up of diverse individuals with deep experience in developing advanced technologies in automotive, trucking, data science, AI, and robotics. Their state-of-the-art technology utilizes cloud-connectivity, AI and Machine Learning technologies to deliver significant cost-savings on fuel, as well as reduced insurance and training costs, and a new level of drivability of the vehicles. This technology is currently piloting nationally across the United States, and changing the lives of drivers and fleet owners nation-wide.

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