The app LineLeap has taken advantage of the reopening of venues this past year and has spread to businesses near the University of Arizona.

LineLeap is an app that gives customers perks such as line-skip passes, cover, event tickets and more when attending local bars, clubs and venues.

This platform has just surpassed over 200,000 users and has spread to 59 different cities and 200 different venues, including popular local bars such as Gentle Ben’s Brewing CompanyNo Anchovies and Dirtbags.

Tito Morales, a student studying physiology and Spanish, is the lead marketing ambassador for LineLeap in these locations. Morales is responsible for promoting line skip passes and encouraging those waiting in line to purchase a pass.

“LineLeap is like your Disney fast past but for bars. So if there’s a really long line at one of the bars you want to go to, you can download our app, make an account and buy a pass,” Morales said.

The passes generally start at a rate of $10. Although, as venues get busier and crowd numbers increase, pass rates can rise up to $50 as seen in April 2021 when Rob Gronkowski visited Gentle Ben’s. Based on the line length, the businesses work out the logistics and raise the price of line-skip passes to reduce wait times and control the crowd, according to Morales.

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