Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all around us, in the cars we drive to the smartphones we use, powering our most favored or despised apps. Consequently, one of the major growth drivers in the semiconductor industry is AI. It’s everywhere and revolutionizing the way humans interact with the modern world, from the datacenter to the device edge and everything in-between. Running AI on the edge has become commonplace as these interactions need to happen quickly with low latency while minimizing the data transport expense.

MemryX, a new startup with a focus on AI processing for edge devices, is creating new technologies to address this emerging market. But do we really need another AI chip company? I think we’re still in the second or third inning of this game and MemryX has the potential to disrupt the device edge semiconductor market with a combination of its unique, memory-centric AI architecture and its easy-to-use and scalable software/hardware solution. The company’s leadership is both experienced and practical, knowing what it takes to ramp high volume semiconductors. If you’re not first to market, you must be very different and that’s where I see MemryX fitting in.

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