Approximately 45% of the US is in a drought, making the need for water-saving solutions especially pertinent. Tech innovator and smart sprinkler company Rachio has now helped US homeowners save 50 billion gallons of water and counting, with its water-efficient sprinkler controllers. Connected technologies are now standard in American society, and companies like Rachio have harnessed this technology to make a positive environmental impact.

​​”By using Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers to automate their outdoor watering schedules, our customers have saved more water than a full week of Niagara Falls’ water flow,” said Kim Sentovich, Rachio CEO. “50 billion gallons is a big milestone, so we’re celebrating our customers while contributing to the greater goal of water conservation.”

Rachio helps customers save water through smart scheduling and features such as “skips” that know when to water, and when not to, depending on the weather, wind, and other factors. As close to half the country faces drought conditions, new Rachio research shows many homeowners are changing their watering habits.
In a survey of 1,076 US homeowners, one-third are currently living with water restrictions due to drought conditions. Despite this historic megadrought, a surprising one in five US homeowners (20%) surveyed are unaware that many states have water restrictions today due to drought conditions in their region.

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