A strong positioning point of the patent is the protection for all future applications and products under the buoyant separation protocols in the pipeline. These include Akadeum’s upcoming leukopaks isolation and dead cell removal kits, the company noted. The patent also strengthens Akadeum’s position to license its technology for broader use in ongoing cell and gene-based therapy research in many areas, such as immuno-oncology.

“From day one, our mission has been to solve today’s problems facing researchers and scientists in the field of cell separation,” said Brandon McNaughton, PhD, CEO and founder of Akadeum. “The issuance of this patent stems from the origins of Akadeum’s body of work and cements our position as the leading company offering solutions in flotation-based cell separation technologies. More importantly, this patent strengthens the ability for Akadeum to provide proprietary products that support groundbreaking biological and clinical discoveries of researchers.”

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