The concept of ‘tech for good’ is often overplayed and unachievable for many start-ups and larger tech companies. But for some applications there is a natural connection between delivering innovative products and contributing to a more sustainable world.

Denver-based Rachio hit the market in 2014 with an award-winning smart sprinkler controller, a technology that conserves precious resources. The company just marked its 10-year anniversary with a major milestone: 150 billion gallons of water have been saved with their smart watering products. Rachio has also made a commitment to save 3 trillion gallons of water by 2030.

This month the company released their newest product, a Smart Hose Timer which builds upon its flagship model to automate manual hose-watering. At the core of Rachio’s products is the free Rachio app which enables its users to save water through features like hyper-local weather forecasting and climate data that monitors and controls their scheduled watering from anywhere.

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