MemryX Inc., a pioneering startup focused on accelerating artificial intelligence (AI) processing for edge devices, announced it has formed a partnership with Cachengo, a leading AI hardware and software provider, to be the exclusive provider of artificial intelligence processors for their modular compute and storage servers.

Cachengo’s modular edge servers are optimized for local computer vision and AI-centric workloads that benefit from massive parallelism, low power, and robust security. Coupled with MemryX’s low-power, on-board screaming AI accelerator and scalability of up to 8 parallel processors, the combination unleashes unlimited opportunity for AI at the edge.

“We are thrilled to partner with Cachengo to bring the power of MemryX’s innovative Edge AI processing to their compute vision processing systems,” said¬†Keith Kressin, CEO of MemryX. ” By combining our expertise, we are able to offer a unique solution that delivers exceptional AI performance in small form factors for edge-based data intensive applications. Together, MemryX and Cachengo are revolutionizing the way businesses can analyze, process, and store their own data.”

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