ANN ARBOR, MI, Oct. 10, 2023 – Akadeum Life Sciences, the global leaders in buoyancy-based cell separation technology, have announced today the preview of their AlerionTM cell separation system. The instrument will provide a closed system for separating T cells from a leukopak using Akadeum’s revolutionary Buoyancy Activated Cell Sorting (BACS™) microbubble technology. The instrument promises to speed up the cell separation process, increase cell recovery, automate several manual steps, improve sample processing robustness, decrease user error incidence, and reduce cell exhaustion.

Currently, revolutionary treatments like CAR T cell therapy can cost upwards of $500,000, partly because current technology is difficult to scale up in manufacturing processes. With few options in the market, customers are forced to settle for mediocre performance from dated technology. Akadeum’s microbubble technology addresses these challenges and offers a paradigm shift in the field of cell separation, activation, and expansion, promising higher performance, and lower prohibitive costs to improve accessibility. The new AlerionTM system brings even more robust cell separation workflows compared to legacy magnetic-activated cell separation (MACS®) and fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) instruments. Akadeum’s new instrument enables unmatched scalability and productivity for T cell separation by processing more healthy cells per isolation and more isolations during a manufacturing shift.

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